Sunday 11 November 2018

i’ve smoked in houses, bars, pubs, terraces and basements. i’ve smoked in jacuzzis and rivers. while playing pool. while cooking at home. while reading. while writing. while editing for sure. i’ve smoked watching the sunset and the sunrise too. still feel weird bout smoking in front of my mom. but the secret cigarettes with my brother always have been special. i love smoking while playing cards. i love smoking while dancing. i love smoking while chatting with ade how we’re gonna improve life from the roots. i love when you sit in a table to have a coffee or a beer and how the first cigarette is the ring bell to start the real conversation. i even love the sound of the cig burning. i love sharing cigarettes. don’t mind buying them. don’t mind giving them. neither asking for them. yeah...i’m gonna miss smoking so much. gonna miss smoking in the back door after a good show. i’m gonna miss those cigarettes that make you feel sexy and powerful. i’m gonna miss smoking when the coffee is good. when the views are beautiful. when the situation is awkward. oh shit i’m gonna miss smoking in pictures so bad i’m gonna have to learn a new comfortable pose.
anyways ENOUGH!!!!!
this is a goodbye!!!!!!! A NEW LIFE BEGINS JUST LIKE NOW !!!!!!! I QUIT. fuck that shit i’m gonna be faster healthier brighter younger and maybe even taller. i’m gonna be the queen of the willpower i’m gonna make it im gonna make it so good because i’m the owner of my life and i don’t wanna be a smoker anymore. i’ve been smoking for 9 years in my life, i could have waited till it was 10 BUT NO, NOW IS THE MOMENT!!!!!! i had the great idea of doing la fiesta del piti last night which means the ciggi party or sth similar and we smoked in a terrace under umbrellas in a beautiful square in madrid while drinking beers and it was awesomeeee the perfect goodbyeeee and in few hours i’m taking a plane and start a tour AND stop smoking foreveeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrr!!!!! AWWWWWHHHHHH!!!! WHO’S DOWN ????? quit with me please. for mercy. ITS GONNA BE AWESOME NEW TIMES.