Wednesday 6 September 2017

and what about pop music ?

i think we never could be pop as pop is known, cause we are pretty realistic on the lyrics, if we are heartbroken and it hurts we know it's not like there's a person to blame and i am the victim no matter what; we indtroduce the "wait, maybe we broke up because we also have done something bad; we both have"; if we feel like the winners we also feel pitty for the other person; even more not serial stuff like, if we wanna party all night and not think about anything else but having fun, we will always wonder ourselves "why am i wanting that?".  for real, why? i'm kind of sick of people who blame on our youth our revolutionary thinking ; cause youth mean not thinking too much about the consequences, but we want a revolution that we've really thought about.    we want people to complain but knowing that they've also done stuff other people could complain about; we want people to think nobody is a saint, but everybody wants to be a better person. and that's the only way to create a revolution , and the only way to be happy with yourself and with the world