Monday 8 May 2017

exercise 1.1

woke up at 5am
today from a long long dream
doesn't mean i was sleeping before
my eyes were open but i wasn't seeing
that i've been looking for you my whole life
that you were there always
no matter what
no matter how far
no matter how late in the night
a phone call was enough
even a text with 2 poor words
"please come"
and you did
like nothing could stop you
cause when two people understand each other
they talk with their hearts
and heart talking is over any explanation i could give to make u understand.
cos you've always been my friend
but we've always been busy
and i love it
being a friend and a lover at the same time
is like being a devil and an angel at the same time
you'll always have the right face for each moment
you'll always will make my life easier
or spicier
or more comfortable
or more daring,
but what is for sure
is that life is more life
when i'm with you.