Friday 29 January 2016

what? where?

okey so now that i have no phone (cause it was stolen in munich), no computer (cause i forgot it in a ferry) and no watch (i can't even remember in which city i lost it) i urgently need to buy a new notebook (cause i forgot mine in london) and some pencils (cause i forgot mines at home). and also it is totally demonstrated that this life has made me become a fucking disaster.
i'm typing this from ana's computer, we are sharing room tonight, in case someone is wondering how i could be connected to the net-world.
but you know what?
tomorrow i'm gonna buy an agenda. the most beautiful agenda of the whole city of barcelona and i'm gonna spend all the hours you guys (we) spend scrolling in the phones re-organizing my life with this new agenda and i'm gonna be like the old carlotta. no!! even more organized !!! and im gonna buy also new socks ! just bc i need them ! and i'm gonna look back at the past to these times, probably with a smile, thinking ooohh wow, what a beggining of 2016 you had carlotta, what a crazy month ha ha! because i'll be over the craziness and the disaster-ness (?). at least the disaster-ness (again, ?)

now, seriously. what a month.
what a beggining of the year.
what a mess, what a mix of feelings. what a mix of sensations and what a huge amount of completely new sensations. unknown sensations.
now that i'm thinking, this motnh started in new york, then we had a crazy night in madrid, and the day after we started a 21-tour through the whoooole europe already hungover. and i think we've never partied this hard/worked this hard in any other tour.
our album has been out now 20 days.
the 21st day is the day we come back home.
just don't bring Carl